Those activities which governments, organizations, and individuals develop to save lives and minimize injuries and property damage. Those activities which follow a disaster and are designed to prevent loss of lives and property and provide emergency assistance. Those activities which eliminate or reduce the probability of disaster. Short and long term activities which return all systems to normal or improved standards.

Dial 9-1-1

Non-Emergency Numbers:

Office of
Emergency Management


Rescue: 304-496-8223
V.F.D.: 304-496-7971

Capon Bridge
Rescue: 304-856-3109
V.F.D.: 304-856-3268

Capon Springs
Fire + Rescue

Lamberts Ambulance

Fire + Rescue

North River (Rio)
Fire + Rescue


Rescue: 304-822-4019
V.F.D.: 304-822-5141

Fire + Rescue

Rescue: 304-822-7594
V.F.D.: 304-822-3007



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    Find up-to-the-minute information on emergency situations and the lates news releases concerning the Hampshire County Office of Emergency Management.
  • Calendar of events
    A calendar of classes and meetings open to the public and to volunteers around the county and state.
  • Weather Stations
    • Augusta
    • Green Spring
    • Romney
    • Springfield
  • Photo Album
    Take a look at Hampshire County's storm damage and emergency situations. You can even e-mail us some of your own photos.
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
    Striving to develop, implement, exercise, and update emergency plans to educate, communicate with, and protect the environs of Hampshire County, West Virginia in the event of an accidental release of hazardous materials and related emergency events. Meet the committee staff, read our bylaws.


Through planning, training and exercising, we prepare ourselves, citizens and responders to minimize the loss of lives and property. We will coordinate effective disaster response and recovery efforts in support of local organizations.





Mike Crouse
Director of Emergency Services

Brian Boley, Deputy Director
of Emergency Services

Greg Ganoe Communications/Information Technology Coordinator

CJ Ganoe-Aylor, Director of
Emergency Operations Center

Daisy McBride
EOC Data Coordinator

Mike Smith
EOC Shift Leader